What is Nexus?

Nexus is the latest innovation in real-time noise management. By combining real-time predictive modelling capability with operational, environmental, and noise monitoring data, Nexus becomes a comprehensive noise management system that has unprecedented analysis capability and provides the most accurate noise information.

This innovative technology can simplify noise management, which reduces costs and offers opportunities for production improvements.

Nexus is widely used in industry to help plan and manage operations so as to avoid noise exceedances, as well as maintain and demonstrate compliance with legislative requirements. It’s a fast and effective tool for responding to noise breaches and complaints.

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By developing and executing plans, in real-time, enterprises are no longer hampered by the restrictions of current passive monitoring models.

How does Nexus work?

    Nexus is an integrated noise management system that is intuitive, versatile, and user friendly. It combines noise modelling capability with operational, environmental, and noise monitoring data to predict noise in real time, thus providing valuable insights into your operations.

    Nexus software is installed on your server. All information is collated and stored in a central database for easy retrieval and reporting.

    Nexus seamlessly integrates with these types of datasets:

      • fleet management system
      • collision avoidance system
      • continuous noise monitoring
      • weather data
      • Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)
      • GPS data
      • marine, aircraft, and rail traffic data.

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    Features and benefits 

    How Nexus helps improve your operations and simplifies your noise management obligations


    Real-time predictions

    Use available operational data combined with predictive modelling to produce real-time noise contours to understand your noise contribution and defend against nuisance claims.

    Manage compliance

    Develop management plans and take a proactive approach to noise compliance and thus avoid complaints, resulting in better community engagement.

    Powerful planning tool

    Perform fact-based planning using weather forecasts and predictive technology to make informed decisions and develop noise mitigation plans.

    Greater accuracy

    Obtain greater accuracy by using  operational data to track and correlate mobile sources with predictive noise modelling and monitoring.

    Visual tool and reporting

    Provide real-time noise contour maps, enable monitoring and modelling, and set alerts to identify noise breaches. 


    Reduce downtime

    Proactively managing your operations will reduce the impact of noise on surrounding communities and thus reduce complaints, with the flow-on effects of reducing downtime and increasing efficiency.

    Nexus offers common sense solutions to complex, variable and sometimes difficult challenges designed by recognised industry specialists

    Scheduler: Predict and plan activities with confidence

    Scheduler ensures that planned operations comply with noise limits and provides auditable evidence of this compliance.

    You can schedule activities at the right time and make operational decisions with confidence using noise prediction and weather forecast data.

    Scheduler is simple to use and outputs data immediately, effectively eliminating the need to base schedules, plans, and operations on what happened weeks or months ago. 

    Designed for ease of use and tailored to your needs

    Nexus offers common sense solutions to complex, variable and sometimes difficult challenges designed by recognised industry specialists

    Execute:  Real-time noise modelling and  management system

    Execute provides instantaneous noise compliance feedback. It’s a real-time modelling tool that gives you a clear understanding of your noise emissions. This allows you to manage your operations in real time and adaptively change when circumstances such as weather and equipment change, to ensure your noise emissions always remain in compliance.

    Real-time visibility also allows you to make strategic decisions, enhances risk assessment, and reduces the reporting burden by providing you with up-to-date, accurate data in an easy-to-use predictive analytics engine.