Noise management solutions for construction

Manage complex projects, minimise risk, and stay within budget

Noise at construction sites can be complex to manage—there are many assets that belong to a range of operators, multiple processes, and numerous people. The site is often constrained or surrounded by commercial, residential, and other noise-sensitive premises.

Operating conditions set by regulators can be complex, with restrictive noise limits set for night-time operations in particular. To manage noise, most projects will undergo baseline noise modelling to understand the impact, and then will monitor noise to adjust the operations as required. But this baseline modelling can be inaccurate because the model may have no reference to the actual work done on site or any unplanned activities. These activities can result in increased noise levels and become an issue, potentially leading to project delays and increased costs.   

Vanguard Technologies can provide you with continuous real-time noise monitoring and predictive modelling tools to monitor and manage environmental compliance, provide auditable records, respond to alerts, identify your noise contribution, and plan your work to optimise and improve efficiency for every aspect of your projects. 

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  • Real-time noise, vibration and dust monitoring
  • Real-time noise management system

Real-time Noise Monitoring

Avoid noise breaches and control operations in real time

With our noise monitoring technology, you can monitor performance in real time, set thresholds based on compliance limits to trigger immediate alerts, and implement immediate, automated remediation action or prevent regulatory thresholds from being breached.

Integrate operational data and weather forecasts, model impacts, and explore mitigation options 

Integrate available operational data and weather forecasts to deliver integrated real-time noise modelling that can both analyse and predict potential impacts, and test potential mitigation work to see what its effects will be in the real world.

Software platform

Intelligent cloud software that puts all environmental information at your fingertips.

Reduce time and effort

Brings all your information into one place, making it much easier to manage and act on. Time spent collecting, managing, and understanding data is dramatically reduced. Reporting is automated and takes minutes, not hours.

Stay connected wherever you are

Graphs and images show you exactly what’s happening across your site, 24/7. Sound maps, audio, and images help you investigate and explain events in the moment. Cloud software allows you and your teams to access your data from anywhere and from any device.

Confident decision-making

Based on real data from site, you’ll have the confidence to make informed and immediate decisions, proactively manage events, and make sure projects stay on track.

Plan, model, and predict  

Advanced modelling plus monitoring equals the most complete picture available

Undertake real-time modelling and perform ‘what if’ scenarios for various activities and equipment on site to see the impact before they happen.  Visualise and manage noise compliance as required.

  • Forward-looking and predictive based on meaningful data (i.e. incorporates past data, as well as present and future considerations).
  • Noise predictions and monitored data combine to allow separation between industries and background noise, as well as assisting with validation, inversion detection, and continuous improvement.
  • Extra layers of extensive analysis and reporting capabilities from thousands of locations, equipment contributions, spectral analysis, comparison with planned and actual—all of which increase certainty and understanding.
  • Provides real-time noise contour maps, converting technical noise data into easily understandable visual representations.
  • Cost effective, doesn’t require maintenance, and offers site-based validation.

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