A new and revolutionary approach to real-time noise management

At Vanguard Technologies, we understand the evolution of noise management. The current approach of attended or real-time noise monitoring is often inadequately equipped to  address complaints and meet compliance requirements. This approach is reactive, may not offer a comprehensive ‘picture’ of the noise profile at the site, and is usually measured over a short period of time. Current technology is also susceptible to environmental noise contamination, not at all conducive to business planning, production improvement, and the effective management of stakeholder and community relations.

Through years of working with the industry and understanding its challenges, Vanguard Technologies has developed a unique noise management system that is considered to be industry best practice, leading the way in helping customers manage noise in a different way and reduce risk.

Our technology is central in helping grow strong and sustainable businesses, and is becoming the go-to in noise management technology across the mining, ports, industrial and construction sectors.

Noise modelling advancements and technological innovation

With recent technological advances in noise modelling and computing power, and a more powerful calculation engine, it’s now possible to perform large and complex noise modelling that combines real-time operational, weather and environmental data and can track and monitor live noise emissions.

A fully integrated predictive system combines:

  • Weather and environmental data
  • Real-time noise predictions and analysis
  • Actual operations data
  • Noise monitoring
  • Powerful calculation engine and algorithms
  • The capability to handle large datasets
  • Tracking and monitoring of live noise emissions

The video above shows examples of this technology in use where fixed and mobile noise sources are operating. Noise emission predictions in real-time are represented by the live noise contours, which can be updated every minute. Exceedances are monitored by noise receivers at key locations in the community.

This visual representation allows the site operator to:

  • investigate and manage noise emissions in real time
  • identify areas to work harder for longer
  • engage with workers to improve behaviour

This provides better and more accurate noise source identification, reducing false alerts, providing better management of compliance, and minimising the chance of production losses.

Read more about our Noise Management platforms, Nexus and REMS.

Better insights and predictions in real-time

Technology that can predict and represent real-time noise emissions through live noise contours updated every minute drives better insights, ensuring timely decision-making, better project outcomes, greater compliance management and ultimately more sustainable operations and better stakeholder management.

We provide real-time, innovative noise management solutions for the mining, construction , ports and industrial sectors.


    Our Products

    Nexus: Noise modelling

    Nexus helps industry plan operations, avoid noise compliance breaches, and reduce the risk of complaints about noise. It’s a new approach to noise management that uses real-time noise modelling with operational data, measurements, and calculations based on planned activities. Identify your noise contribution with ease.

    REMS: Noise monitoring

    Manage noise compliance in real time with Remote Environmental Monitoring System (REMS) and reduce risk. REMS is available in a range of different configurations to suit your needs. Existing third-party hardware can also be retrofitted and integrated into Nexus to provide a comprehensive, accurate noise management system.

    Services and support

    We offer a range of services and support to suit your needs. We continue to evolve, innovate, and respond to our customers’ changing business needs. We work with global and local partners to provide services such as installation, preventive maintenance, field work, and software support.

    Innovative Features

    Vanguard Technologies innovative features effectively identify, monitor and manage noise contribution. Real-time noise predictions are based on complex data retrieval, through a simple, easy-to-use interface that converts technical data into easily-understandable visual representations.

    Nexus is the only truly integrated technology on the market, offering real-time noise predictions, allowing you to move from a reactive noise monitoring system to a low-risk, proactive noise management system. 

    Identify your noise contribution

    A map of an area using Vanguard Technologies innovative noise management system, Nexus. The system uses contour lines on the geographical map to identify areas that produce noise.

    Mobile noise sources are modelled and tracked so you can identify your noise contribution and resolve complaints quickly. 

    All available data like weather, topography, environmental factors, time of day, surrounding activities and more, are used to make noise predictions in real time, using complex algorithms, which assists with real-time noise management.

    Vanguard Technologies’ innovative modelling technology will track and monitor your noise contribution quickly and effectively. 

    Blast management

    With our cutting-edge and user-friendly software, you can use favourable weather forecasts to plan, schedule, and blast with the greatest confidence, ensuring you satisfy licensing conditions. 

    An image of a blast, used to demonstrate that Vanguard Technologies' Nexus noise management system, allows for planning demolitions with confidence and peace of mind.

    Monitoring vs Modelling

    An image of a graph demonstrates the data provided by Nexus, Vanguard Technologies' noise management system.

    Our innovative and comprehensive noise management system provides the most accurate noise information to within 1dB by combining real-time predictive modelling capability with operational, environmental and noise monitoring data to produce real time solutions which enable adaptive management. 

    Richer insights from predictive modelling allows risk classification into low, medium and high risk – using a traffic light system – for potential noise to threshold levels. This is in contrast to reactive noise monitoring systems that do not have the smarts or flexibility to equip management with the tools that are imperative for planning, scheduling and for adaptive management.

    With an unprecedented analysis capability, noise management is simplified, and better insights are generated, reducing costs and greatly improving production and stakeholder management. 

    Company Capability Statement

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