Noise management solutions for mining

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Whether your mining operation is open cut or underground, or a preparation plant for coal, iron ore, hard rock or soft rock material, Vanguard Technologies has  the technology to solve your noise challenges and help maximise your operations.

We work closely with our mining customers to understand their operational noise constraints and deliver outcomes beyond their expectations. 

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  • Real-time noise and blast monitoring
  • Real-time noise management system

Real-time noise monitoring with alerts/alarms

With our noise monitoring technology, you can monitor performance in real time, set thresholds based on compliance limits to trigger immediate alerts, and implement immediate, automated remediation action or prevent regulatory thresholds from being breached.

Integrate operational data and weather forecasts, model impacts, and explore mitigation options 

Integrate available operational data and weather forecasts to deliver integrated real-time noise modelling that can both analyse and predict potential impacts, and test potential mitigation work to see what its effects will be in the real world.

Optimise noise planning for mine sites

Fast and comprehensive risk assessment – maximising operational windows

Comprehensive and accurate risk assessment before a project begins can prevent days or weeks of lost operation, or even the loss of entire operations, not to mention unexpected financial impacts. However, sometimes pressure from stakeholders can restrict the amount of time or money operators have to complete critical risk assessments. During the 10-year planning process for one of Australia’s leading bauxite mines, our Nexus product delivered unrivalled foresight and critical insights into potential noise issues.

Accurately map noise risk before it becomes an expensive problem

Our customer’s future bauxite mine had more than 250 pits and haul roads, which required an intricate transport and logistics system. It was critical that any constraints on the long-term plan were identified and minimised so that the operational window could be maximised and maintained at optimal levels. Operations included both day and night activities—Nexus needed to deliver accurate results so that noise risks could be mitigated.

Back to the future

Using Nexus and 3 years of meteorological data, they modelled and analysed more than 16,400 scenarios to predict the mine’s future noise risks. Nexus used a range of variables, including:

  • day versus night operations
  • meteorological conditions
  • pits, haul roads, and topography
  • mine plan.

In a matter of hours, these variables, combined with the meteorological data, helped our customer generate noise risk maps and data that were used to mitigate risk and understand constraints for each month of the year.

Nexus is the next step in the process of returning to optimal operations

To preserve and grow the critical numbers that make up a customer’s bottom line, Nexus was developed and configured to gather, record, and present facts in a format that is:

1. Easy to collect
2. Easy to collate
3. Simple to interpret.

Ready-to-action risk classification outputs

Thanks to Nexus, our customer gained valuable insights about potential noise risk to threshold levels. The rich and detailed data provided by Nexus also allowed them to separate their pits into high, medium, and low risk, for both day and night activities:

  • High: 80–100% likelihood (over a year) of not being able to mine in that pit without exceeding the threshold level at a receiver
  • Medium: 20–80% likelihood (over a year) of not being able to mine in that pit without exceeding the threshold level at a receiver
  • Low: 0–20% likelihood (over a year) of not being able to mine in that pit without exceeding the threshold level at a receiver.

This information can be transferred to risk maps for immediate use, plotting high to low risk areas across both day and night operations.

The benefits of Nexus technology

For this customer, the Nexus system accurately and efficiently delivered insights that ensured planning for all future mine operations would be fully able to mitigate the impact of exceeding noise thresholds in their operations, 24/7.

How valuable is your peace of mind when it comes to noise in your operations?

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