RAMS – Remote Acoustic Monitoring System

Nexus offers common sense solutions to complex, variable and sometimes difficult challenges designed by recognised industry specialists

What is RAMS?

Our Remote Acoustic Monitoring System (RAMS) is a web-based real-time environmental monitoring system that has everything you need to meet your ongoing environmental monitoring obligations. RAMS provides high quality and reliable data for compliance reporting and has real-time incident exceedance alarms for early and effective mitigation actions.

We provide the expertise, hardware, and maintenance so that you can run your operations smoothly and confidently, knowing you have the highest quality data available.

Our innovative RAMS technology uses proven hardware, which continuously monitors noise at various locations, including industrial sites, ports, mines, and construction sites.

RAMS supports multiple third-party hardware and can be supplied fully integrated into Nexus.

To find out more about RAMS and how it can benefit your operations, contact Vanguard Technologies on 1300 924 116 or email us at info@vanguardtech.com.au

Software platform

Intelligent cloud software that puts all environmental information at your fingertips.

Reduce time and effort

Brings all your information into one place, making it much easier to manage and act on. Time spent collecting, managing, and understanding data is dramatically reduced. Reporting is automated and takes minutes, not hours.

Stay connected wherever you are

Graphs and images show you exactly what’s happening across your site, 24/7. Sound maps, audio, and images help you investigate and explain events in the moment. Cloud software allows you and your teams to access the data from anywhere and from any device.

Confident decision-making

Based on real data from site, you’ll have the confidence to make informed and immediate decisions, proactively manage events, and make sure projects stay on track.

Nexus offers common sense solutions to complex, variable and sometimes difficult challenges designed by recognised industry specialists

Monitoring hardware

To deliver continuous real-time information, RAMS supports a range of proven hardware to suit the application.


Measure noise and dust with one device

Hexanode is a lightweight digital multi-sensor monitor that measures noise and dust, and sends data in real time, 24/7. It’s an all-in-one device specifically designed for the rigours of the construction industry.

Rich contextual data

Directional noise monitoring creates sound maps that show the source of noise. Hexanode captures live images and sounds to show what’s happening on site.

So easy… just set and forget

Hexanodes are very simple to deploy—just place them across your site, then rest assured you’re covered 24/7.

Bring Your Own 

RAMS supports 3rd party monitoring devices such as B&K 3639 NMTs.  Bring your own so all the information is stored in the same place and get the benefits of easier data processing, automated compliance reporting and more, across all environmental aspects.


RAMS trailer example